Fayetteville, AR Pest Control & Lawn Care

Commercial-articleIt gets hot and humid during the summers in Fayetteville, and the winters can feel quite frigid at times. When the temperatures change, residents see an influx of pests into their homes. Whether it's ants, roaches or rodents, these pests, and others search for food, water, and shelter from the inclement weather. Adams Pest Control knows what it takes to eliminate infestations and to keep pests away from your home or business.

Residential Pest Control

If you think having a clean home saves you from pest infestations, think again. Some pests only want to use your home for shelter, not for a place to find their food. Even a clean house attracts pests like rodents, beetles, and spiders. Wandering ants will eventually find a way inside, and roaches will always be attracted to gaps around pipes and vents.

Our expert team knows how to handle any residential pest infestation. We can inspect your home, locate pest entryways, eliminate insects and rodents and set up preventative barriers to keep them out.

Commercial Pest Control

Having pests in your office, hotel, restaurant or other business could spell trouble for your future. Whether it's wasps building nests outside the door or roaches in the kitchen, a pest infestation keeps customers from visiting or revisiting your business. Bedbugs, roaches, rodents and other pests hide in cracks, crevices and gaps between the walls and appliances, contaminating your interior and threatening your profits.

Our specialists can provide a thorough inspection of your business, locate visible and hidden infestations and eliminate the problem. We can also set up a customized pest control program to keep your business free of invasive pests no matter the season.

Lawn Care

Passersby see your lawn before they see anything else, so it pays to have a healthy, lush and green lawn to make a great first impression. It's not always easy to maintain a lawn each week; you might not have the time or the required effort. However, ignoring your lawn could lead to weeds, pests and other undesirable things that could bring down your property's value and visual aesthetic.

We provide lawn care treatments for businesses and residents in Fayetteville, helping everyone to have a greener, healthier lawn. Whether it's our six-treatment program or all-season weed control services, we'll keep your lawn looking visibly stunning throughout the year.

Dependable Pest Control

Contact Adams Pest Control in Fayetteville for a free quote and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services. Our team can set up an immediate inspection of your home or business and take care of everything from pest control to lawn care without any effort on your part.