Living in Alma, Arkansas gives you terrific proximity to Fort Smith and Fayetteville while allowing you to enjoy a more relaxed way of life. As a resident of Alma, you can enjoy beautiful views of the scenic Ozark Mountains and the beautiful trees and flowers that live in this area. Alma residents experience all four seasons with cold winters and humid, very warm summers. The climate in Alma can allow you to enjoy a beautiful green yard, but it also attracts many different types of pests. If you need help with your lawn or are dealing with an infestation of pests, Adams Pest Control can offer you the expert help that you need.


Termites are some of the most damaging types of pests that can infest homes in Alma. These winged insects live in huge colonies, and they feed 24 hours per day. Since their preferred food is wood, termites can quickly cause substantial damage to your siding, support beams and other wooden parts of your home. Termites appear similar to winged ants, but they have straight antennae and do not have the pinched waists that ants have. They shed their wings, so if you see piles of insect wings in your basement, you may have termites. They also build tubes out of soil that you might see on your walls or your foundation. Termites use these mud tubes to travel to and from their sources of food. Adams Pest Control uses termite control methods that work to eradicate the entire colonies of termites. We can also help to identify the damaged areas of your home so that they can be repaired. If you think that you might have termites, getting help as soon as possible is important to avoid damage.


As the months grow colder, rats, mice and squirrels look for warmer places to live. Your home may be a preferred target for these rodent species. Rodents are able to get inside of your home through very small openings. Once they are inside, they may build nests and forage for food inside. Squirrels often take up residence inside of attics, and they may chew through wires and ruin your insulation. Rats and mice may carry diseases, and the animal droppings can worsen respiratory problems that you and your family members may have. If you hear the sounds of animals in your attic or walls, it is important for you to get help. We can bait and trap the animals so that they can be removed. Then, we can seal up all of the places that they can get in.

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