Sherwood, AR, is more than just a lovely city. It’s also a wonderful place to call home. This explains the influx of visitors. Communities are filling up with people from all walks of life. The bad news is that pests are also moving in, and they aren’t leaving without a fight. That’s why property owners reach out to the exterminators at Adams Pest Control. Our company provides services that deter critters of all sizes, so if you’re looking to get rid of pesky rodents and blood-sucking mosquitoes, we’re definitely up to the challenge.

Rodent Control

Rodents are crafty, brazen and destructive. If they invade your home or office, they can quickly ruin not only your pleasant indoor environment but also your overall peace of mind. That’s why the professional exterminators at Adams Pest Control are committed to stopping rodents in their tracks. With our extensive experience, you can rest assured that we can correctly identify the critters, and we can put an end to their constant intrusions. To make it 10 times harder for them to return, we’ll evaluate your property and put together a customized protection plan.

Results are very important to us, so you won’t catch us cutting corners. We believe in covering all the bases when we carry out our treatments. Since our goal is to make your property less attractive to all rodents, it doesn’t matter if you’re having problems with rats or squirrels. The deterrents we have will be effective enough to keep unwanted visitors at bay all year.

Mosquito Control

Your summer pool parties and backyard cookouts should be enjoyable, and that’s why Adams Pest Control is the company that will provide you with a solution. We understand that mosquitoes have the ability to lay eggs in any puddle of water. However, what they can’t do is survive our tried-and-true tactics. We like to utilize a high-quality program to eliminate adult mosquitoes and their larvae.

Every second counts. These flying vampires will keep feasting on you and on your pets until they satisfy their hunger. Yes, you can put on a DEET-based insecticide to gain a little protection, but doing this will only minimize your risk of getting bit. You’re going to need to hire a professional pest exterminator. We have advanced DEET-incorporated solutions and the necessary expertise, so helping you regain full control of your outdoor space won’t be difficult. To put it simply, we know what we’re doing when it comes to exterminating pesky intruders. Contact Adams Pest Control today if you would like to get a free estimate on our services.

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