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Termites are one of the most problematic types of pests in Arkansas. Although there are several varieties of termites, they are usually classified as subterranean, dampwood or drywood termites. They are all destructive enough to ruin homes and businesses in a matter of weeks or months. It is important to know how to identify a possible infestation.

How Termites Enter Buildings

Drywood termites are usually bigger and enter buildings through window frames or doors. They often chew on wood in the home, and they are known for chewing wallpaper and textiles as well. Dampwood termites rarely enter structures and are not as common. Their swarms are typically seen in the spring and are usually near trees or shrubs. Subterranean termites are some of the most common pests and are often responsible for the most costly damages. They usually enter buildings through mud or dirt tubes that they build along the ground's surface. Subterranean termites prefer moist areas behind walls, in basements and under foundations. Although Formosan termites are mostly found in coastal states, they are just as destructive. Their colonies are often larger than subterranean colonies, and they typically choose foundations and the backsides of walls to attack.

How To Identify Termite Infestations

One of the surest signs of an infestation is a swarm of termites. When there is a swarm, this is usually an indication of a severe infestation that needs immediate attention. Swarming termites do not swarm for long. If they disappear, do not assume they are gone. Look for piles of shed wings. Drywood termites usually shed their wings before they die, and subterranean termites do not always shed their wings before they die. Drywood termites may be found in more visible places such as on furniture or along window frames. Look for gnawed wood or textiles. For subterranean termites, look for dirt tubes along the outside of a home or building. Knock on areas of the walls where there should be solid wood. If it sounds hollow instead, this may be a sign that termites are chewing wood from the backside of the wall.

How To Remove Termites

If a termite inspection has not been performed in the past year, call a professional even if an infestation has not been identified. Never use DIY methods found online for infestations. They are dangerous to family members and pets. Trying to treat an infestation usually results in the termites relocating to an area that is even harder to reach or see. Always trust a professional to handle the job and remove an infestation. Having a problem treated early will save thousands in damages. Call Adams Pest Control for a free estimate or to discuss an ongoing preventative treatment plan in Arkansas. The professionals at Adams Pest Control have been providing quality service for over 50 years.