Arkansas residents enjoy their beautiful state, but the area is also extremely attractive to several different kinds of ants. Homeowners often find themselves faced with an invasion of these nasty pests, and it can be extremely difficult to rid your home of ants once they’ve established a working colony. Fortunately, Adams Pest Control has been successfully keeping Arkansas homes and businesses free of ants and other pests since 1957.

Problem Ants in Arkansas

  • Carpenter Ants: There are 24 species of this particular ant, and the winged ones are often mistaken for termites. While this ant comes in a variety of sizes and colors, it can be identified by its six legs, constricted waist, three body regions and an unusual band of hairs near the abdominal region. They chew up wood to make their nests, and it’s not uncommon for them to make their way inside the walls of your home and cause serious damage. They also have a defense mechanism that allows them to form a chemical that makes a bite to both humans and their pets into a very painful experience.
  • Red Imported Fire Ants: These ants can turn your yard into a dangerous place for your pets and children to play. They may be identified by their red and black color and rather large stinger. A single colony may house several queens and many thousands of worker ants, and they can become extremely aggressive when encountered. Several ants may attack at once, and these ants can simultaneously deliver a painful bite that has been compared to being touched by fire and a sting that carries an alkaloid venom. Sensitive persons may experience an allergic reaction that requires immediate medical attention.
  • Pavement Ants: These tiny insects are brown or black with lighter colored legs and antennae that have 12 distinct segments. They aren’t typically aggressive but will sting or bite if confronted. They make nests inside of your walls and under your floors, and they will come out to forage for whatever food you have left available to them. A large infestation can form very quickly.
  • Pharaoh Ants: Very tiny with yellow bodies and red and black abdominal markings, these ants have a nasty reputation for spreading disease wherever they walk. They typically invade Arkansas homes in the winter to stay warm, and you may find them nesting in your walls, behind baseboards or even inside your curtain rods.

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