The humid summers and cold winters make Cabot, AR, an appealing target for pests like ants and mosquitoes. Established in 1957, Adams Pest Control knows what home and business owners are up against, and we want potential customers to know what to look out for if they suspect an infestation.


Though most ants tend to stay outside and feed on honeydew and nectar, they might enter your property for its warmth come winter. They’ll forage for everything from meats to sugary foods to starchy foods, and they’ll dwell in damp places: underneath the sink, behind the tiling in your bathroom, etc. While developing multiple colonies, ants tend to have a single nest. This is what our exterminators will target.

The dangers depend on what kind of ants you harbor. Pharaoh ants, which are tiny yellow ants with red or black markings on their abdomen, spread bacteria like salmonella and clostridium. Red imported fire ants stay outside, building large dirt mounds and swarming on anyone who unwittingly invades their territory. Their venomous bites can lead to burning, swelling, and perhaps anaphylactic shock. Another ant we often see is the carpenter ant, which burrows into wet or decayed wood.


You don’t want mosquitoes to ruin your backyard barbecue or pool parties. Not only will these insects give you itchy bites, but they might also transmit diseases like malaria and yellow fever. Mosquito-borne viruses include the West Nile virus and the Zika virus.

Mosquitoes are attracted to shrubs, trees, tall grasses, and even weed overgrowth; the presence of these will influence their decision whether they should migrate to your property or not. Once they’re there, they’ll search out areas of standing water to breed in. Everything from your swimming pool to your birdbath will become vulnerable, and even the shallowest bit of water will suffice. These insects breed rapidly, laying hundreds of eggs at one time.


In the winter, rats will want to enter your centrally heated property for shelter, and they’ll get in through any crack or hole they can find whether it’s on the roof or at the foundation. Don’t underestimate them; they can squeeze through even the tightest spaces. Once inside, they’ll feed on convenient food sources and even burrow their way into your kitchen area for more. To build their nests, rats will damage your fiberglass insulation and tear at cardboard and other soft materials. They’ll also gnaw at your wood, not so much to feed on as to keep their incisors worn down.

Though rats don’t become aggressive unless you have them cornered, they’re still known to bite people in their sleep, especially babies. They can transmit all kinds of diseases, such as leptospirosis, salmonella, and rat-bite fever. Fleas on rats will also transmit plague. How are these transmitted? It’s simple; if you come into direct contact with rat saliva, urine, or feces, you’re liable to contract something. Even inhaling dust that’s contaminated with feces might spell danger.

Affordable Pest Control in Cabot

Adams Pest Control will safely remove rats with baits and traps rather than with harmful chemicals. Using insecticides, we’ll spray or fog mosquitoes, killing everything from the eggs to the adults, and ants will be exterminated through liquid insecticides. Both one-time and seasonal services are available, so give us a call to schedule your inspection!

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