If you call Centerton, Arkansas your home, you likely enjoy your ability to experience all four seasons. The combination of cold weather in the winter months and very warm summers means that there are many different species of pests that are active at different times of the year. You also might have to contend with encroaching weeds and other issues on your lawn. Whether you have pest control problems or want to have a pristine lawn, the professionals at Adams Pest Control are able to help you to meet your needs.


In Centerton, Arkansas, there are many different species of ants, and some of them are problematic. Carpenter ants make their nests in wood, and they can dig into the wood of your home, causing damage. These ants may also bite people. Pharaoh ants tend to come inside of homes during the winter months, and they are known to carry diseases. The small brown or black ants that you might see scurrying across sidewalks are called pavement ants. These ants may invade your home in search of food and then infest your pantry. Finally, red imported fire ants are an issue in the state. These ants can cause serious reactions when they bite people because of the alkaloid venom that they release. If you see ants inside or outside of your home that are a problem, the professionals at Adams Pest Control can help to find the colony and eradicate your ant problem at its source.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are tiny red insects that feed on blood. These bugs spread easily because they can catch rides on your luggage or clothes if you stay in a hotel that has them. When bed bugs infest your home, they are hard to eradicate. You can look at the seams of your furniture and mattresses to see if you can see any of these bugs hiding there. You may also see red streaks on your mattress, which can indicate that you have a bed bug problem. Bed bugs feed at night, meaning that you might awaken in the morning with itchy bites or a rash. While they do not spread diseases, they may prompt allergic reactions in some people. Adams Pest Control can inspect your home to determine whether or not you have a bed bug problem. If you do, we can help you to eliminate the bed bugs that are present.

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