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Adams Pest Control understands that business owners have special needs when it comes to pest control. Cockroaches, rodents and other unpleasant creatures can send customers scurrying and hurt the bottom line. That’s why our family owned company has been protecting Arkansas homes and businesses since 1957.

Our licensed technicians will inspect your property to determine the scope and nature of the problem. We use Integrated Pest Management techniques to eliminate pests and then do what it takes to keep them from coming back. That includes finding entry points and eliminating nests. Our combination of treatment and exclusion makes Adams Pest Control the right choice, no matter what business you are in.


Restaurants have a special need for discreet and effective pest control. The welcoming atmosphere and fine food you prepare for your guests is equally attractive to rodents, roaches and other unsavory visitors. Adams Pest Control will help to develop a program to keep your establishment pest-free, without alarming your customers.


Pest control in the office is a necessity, not a luxury. Business travelers may unwittingly introduce bed bugs acquired on a sales trip. Rodents and roaches find their way into bathrooms and break rooms. Your employees need a safe, pest-free work environment; you need your staff to be able to focus on their work. Adams Pest Control can help with regular inspections and methods to keep pests out in the first place.

Commercial Properties

Pests are more than a nuisance for commercial tenants. They can cause lost revenue, damaging your building’s reputation. When your tenants provide goods and services directly to the public, rodents, roaches and other pests detract from a professional appearance. Regardless of the size, scope or nature of your property, Adams Pest Control will keep you and your tenants looking good.


Termites pose a special threat. While you’re working away at growing your company, they are working away at eating your headquarters. The damage can remain hidden from view until it compromises the structural integrity of the building. Licensed technicians from Adams Pest Control will inspect your property to identify existing termite problems or potential threats. After that, we’ll create a treatment and prevention plan to keep your property safe and termite-free.

Adams Pest Control is ready to help, whether your pests are large, small or haven’t even shown up yet. For treatment, prevention and peace of mind, call us today to schedule an inspection for your business.

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