Lonoke winters can be partially cold but are mostly mild. During the summer months, the heat and humidity create an ideal environment for several pests. When the attraction of food in residential areas is added, you are sure to encounter one or more pests eventually. These are some common pests in Lonoke.


Ticks are found in tall grass or brush on the ground. They may also be in trees or shrubs. Ticks usually pick locations that are close enough to passing humans or animals that they can easily latch on. Ticks feed on the blood of a host by burying their small heads under the skin. Before a blood feast, a tick is about the size of a small beetle or a pebble. They are flat and crawl delicately enough that many people are unaware of their presence until they embed themselves.

An engorged tick may be about the size of a corn kernel or larger. Their bodies look light brown or gray when they are engorged. Ticks can carry serious illnesses such as tularemia, Lyme disease, and several others. Lyme disease is often mistaken for other illnesses because of its delayed symptoms, and the negative effects can last a lifetime.


Two of the most dangerous spiders in the area are brown recluses and black widows. Brown recluses have long spindly legs, brown bodies and a distinct violin shape on the upper portion of the back. They hide in dark dry places such as closets, attics, and shoes. Their bites cause necrosis of the skin, which often requires surgical removal.

Black widows are shiny, hairless and have rounded abdomens with a red hourglass on the underside. They are found in dark places such as attics, basements, and garages. Black widows have a neurotoxin that is delivered when they bite. A bite may cause instant pain, muscle aches, and lethargy. Some people feel ill for several days after being bitten. There are many other garden and house spiders that are mostly harmless. However, a spider infestation is a good indicator that you have another pest problem since these arachnids feed on insects.


Rats and mice are common in Lonoke. Both pests can squeeze through tiny openings to enter your home. They chew through cardboard or plastic food containers for nourishment. These pests take food to basements, closets or spaces between walls. They may also chew holes in furniture to create a hiding place. The main health risks are listeria and hantavirus. Listeria may be present in rat urine, and hantavirus may be present in the feces of deer mice. Both pests urinate and defecate on floors, cabinet shelves, furniture, and bedding.

The main financial dangers associated with these pests is replacing contaminated food. However, you can create an enormous expense if you poison them and they die behind your walls. Only a professional can safely remove these rodents and the messes created by them.

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