Ozark is a charming heartland city in the northwestern corner of Arkansas. Despite its idyllic surroundings, this historic town still has occasional problems with pests. Just like folks in other parts of the nation, we swat mosquitoes in the summer, trap spiders in the fall and try to keep the mice out in the winter. Unfortunately, in Ozark, each pest has its season. If you’re experiencing a problem, you can count on Adams Pest Control.

With our pest control services, you can ward off pests before they harm your family, disrupt your business or damage your property. We have effective strategies for solving the most persistent and aggressive infestations. Our professionals have worked with local businesses and homeowners in Ozark and neighboring communities since 1957. Today, we offer all of the services needed to protect your property. We’re equipped to treat insects, install termite bait stations, spray your lawn and complete whatever tasks are needed.

Mosquito Control in Ozark, Arkansas

Just like a barren lawn, mosquitoes can ruin your outdoor fun. Lately, there has been increasing concern about mosquito-borne viruses, including encephalitis, West Nile virus and Zika. Due to increasing global travel and rapidly spreading viruses, it’s even more important to protect your family from these bloodsucking pests.

If you’re still having problems with swarms of mosquitoes even after removing standing water and obvious breeding grounds, we can perform a comprehensive treatment that will eradicate adult mosquitoes and prevent the eggs and larvae from maturing. When repeated monthly during the warm season, our mosquito treatments provide lasting results.

Termite Inspections and Extermination Services

Termites don’t just have the ability to destroy your Ozark area home, they can also ruin your life. To protect our clients, we offer a variety of services to detect and eliminate termite infestations before they eat away at your property value. Our professionals perform real estate inspections for wood-damaging organisms. We also offer moisture remediation services that make your home less hospitable to subterranean termites, which are the most common wood-destroying pests in the Ozarks. If needed, we can repair termite damage and restore your home to its original condition.

If you’re ready to request a free quote, call Adams Pest Control today. Your family can depend on our experience. Since 1957, we proudly served homeowners and businesses in Ozark, Fort Smith and northwestern Arkansas, so take a look at our service area today and see if we can help you!

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