Rogers, AR is truly a great place for any family to live. If you are like most people who reside in the city of Rogers, you appreciate the area’s mild climate and tight-knit communities. However, the humid weather tends to bring out a lot of annoying pests. Here are three common insects that tend to cause trouble for local homes and businesses.


Ants are always on the search for new sources of food and shelter. These tiny insects work together as a unit to accomplish their mission. Once they gain access to your home, expect the kitchen to become a prime target. Not only can ants ruin your meal, but they are also known to exacerbate allergy and asthma symptoms.

While there are several known ant species in Arkansas, imported red fire ants are by far the most dangerous to your family. A fire ant’s burning sting can be incredibly painful, especially to a small child. Property damage is yet another big concern. With the ability to tunnel through wood, carpenter ants are especially destructive.


Throughout history, mosquitoes have always had a reputation for spreading sickness and disease. While most mosquito bites won’t cause any serious issues, the best approach is to protect yourself at all costs. The recent arrival of the Zika virus has definitely caused some concern. If an infected mosquito transmits the Zika virus to an expectant mother, the unborn child could have serious birth defects.

Mosquitoes become especially active during the summer. To keep mosquitoes away from your family, it is a good idea to take a few preventive measures. Be sure to eliminate any stagnant water on your property. Birdbaths, puddles, and clogged storm drains are all hot spot for mosquitoes. They will use the water as a place to lay their eggs. Also, keep your garbage can lids tightly closed at all times.


Termites are known for causing an extensive amount of property damage. In only a few months, these wood-eating insects can completely tear apart a dwelling. You must take action as soon as possible. Waiting to seek a solution could result in thousands of dollars in damage.

Subterranean termites are arguably the most problematic in the area. This species needs moisture in order to survive. Although subterranean termites often live in the soil, they construct mud tubes to reach their above-ground food source. Often times, subterranean termites are found hiding in crawl spaces and underneath porches.

What’s the Best Way to Get Rid of These Problematic Insects?

Unfortunately, most over-the-counter products are not effective at eliminating pests. Your best option is to call a professional exterminator who has a great deal of experience. The professionals at Adams Pest Control promise to give you an extra peace of mind. Our expert technicians are trained to handle any pest problem that you may encounter. Call for a free quote on service!

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