The warm and humid climate in Russellville, Arkansas during the summer months makes it a perfect habitat for a variety of insects and other pests. Ants, mosquitoes, and termites are of particular concern to Arkansas residents, and rightly so. These types of pests can not only cause emotional distress when they get out of hand, but some can result in extensive damage that costs you a great deal of time and money. Rest assured that there are solutions for your pest infestation issues, and Adams Pest Control can formulate a specific treatment plan designed with your needs in mind.

Controlling the Ant Population

Ants are one of the most common pests in the Arkansas area, and because they multiply so quickly and operate in large groups, they can quickly get out of hand. Ants travel where they can find food and water, making your kitchen prime real estate for them. Unfortunately, this often means that they can get into your food supply and contaminate it.

There are several do it yourself treatment options for ant infestations, but these are often largely ineffective or have to be repeated often to keep the ants from coming back. This can ultimately be more costly and time consuming for you in the long run. At Adams Pest Control, we can quickly and efficiently rid your home of ants and take measures to stop them from coming back into your home.

Controlling Mosquitoes

We are all familiar with these tiny but very irritating pests. Mosquitoes feed on blood, so they bite relentlessly and are a force to be reckoned with. Since they love hot, humid areas as well as locations that have stagnant bodies of water, many Arkansas residents find that they have swarms of mosquitoes in and around their homes during the summer months.

Mosquitoes carry with them the risk of infectious disease since they can often be carriers of certain blood-borne pathogens. Their bites leave large and itchy welts and can be especially troublesome for those who experience allergic reactions to the bites. If you have an issue with mosquitoes in or around your home, Adams Pest Control has the tools and treatment options needed to give you peace of mind and freedom from these annoying creatures.

Controlling Termite Infestations

It is estimated that termites cause millions of dollars of structural damage to homes and other buildings across the United States each year. Because they generally hide within the walls and other hidden structures of your home or office, it can be difficult to know for certain if you have a termite infestation.

If your home or office shows any signs of sagging or the destruction of areas of wood, it is important that you have a professional inspection done right away. If a termite problem is caught early, it can save you a great deal of time, money, and heartache.

We know that your home is your respite from the stress of the chaotic world around you, and we understand the importance of keeping it free from pests and harmful insects. Contact Adams Pest Control today to find out how we can provide you with a variety of treatment options to rid your home of any existing infestations and keep these pests from returning.

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