As a Civil War battle town, Van Buren is a city rich in history. Along the southeast border of the city is the Arkansas River, and Lee Creek flows through its western side. Van Buren also has a humid, subtropical climate with temperatures that reach an average 93 degrees Fahrenheit in July and August. Unfortunately, hot weather can make lawn care difficult and attract pests. Thankfully, Adams Pest Control offers solutions for both.


Carpenter ants are a concern in Van Buren because they cause damage wherever they go. Sometimes, people confuse them with termites because the male swarmers have wings. They also dig tunnels and build their nests in wood, which is how they cause damage. Unlike termites, however, they don’t eat the wood. It’s common for them to make homes in walls, floors, baseboards and molding.

Pharaoh ants are distinguished by the black and red abdominal marks on their yellow bodies. They’re more than a nuisance because they can spread disease, contaminating the surfaces that they walk on. This species likes to nest in baseboards and walls during the winter to stay warm.

Red imported fire ants are another common pest in Van Buren. This species can make your lawn a dangerous place for children and animals because they’re very aggressive. They use their large stingers to attack anything that disturbs their nests. The stings can be painful and often cause welts. Multiple stings can be dangerous for those who are allergic.

Any ant species can be hard to get rid of when the colony grows, which can happen quickly. Ant control experts use advanced products and methods to eliminate infestations.


More problematic than ants, termites also damage property. Their colonies can grow into the millions and destroy buildings in just weeks to months. While termites eat cellulose-based materials, they don’t all have the same habits.

Drywood termites enter your property through door and window frames or other small cracks. Since they don’t need a lot of moisture in their diet, they eat dry materials such as flooring, wallpaper, furniture, cabinets and other wood. As they eat, they create elaborate tunnels and nests. An infestation is detectable by the waste that they push out of the tunnels, which looks like pellets of wood-colored sawdust.

Subterranean termites can be a bigger problem because they’re harder to detect. They make their mud nests and tunnels in the ground and use them to access nearby food sources. Because of that, they gain access to building foundations and basements first and then work their way into the walls. Formosan termites are the most invasive type, possibly because their colonies grow so fast.

Treating a termite infestation without an expert can be dangerous for you, others and pets. When the termites aren’t eliminated, they relocate to another area that’s harder to detect and reach. Termite pest control professionals utilize special training, equipment and products to clear and protect the area.

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